Teach Your Child To Read

This week is Read Across America Week (with Read Across America Day this Wednesday, March 2… also Dr Suess’ birthday!) So today, a look at five new children’s books for young children…

Vocabulary we are learning about: Frog eggs, Tadpole,and Frog. Then have the children make a small picture about the frog’s life cycle from one of the Story Books you have chosen to read to them during language group.

4) Books. Books are expensive to buy, especially if you need a large supply of them. I like to donate my Books for kids to read they no longer want to the local school. My own personal book collection I donated to my local library.

Book Light – If you’ve got a serious reader on your hands, the kind who wants to read in the car after dark, or in bed when everyone else is going to sleep, a book light is the perfect companion to keep your kid’s imagination going, while you get the darkness you need. Book lights are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $5.00, or in various styles and prices at Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble.

Reading. If you don’t have a good supply of Story for kids in english, you can always use the library. Nothing fuels a good reading time like a trip to the library. If you read to your child for at least 30 minutes per day, you will be surprised what he will learn both in knowledge and language ability.

As previously stated, the competition is fierce for children’s publications. That is why many publishers proceed with caution. What makes a $15 children’s book sell is often having a well-known author or a captivating story, especially for young readers or early adults. That is why many larger publishers choose to stick with the same authors or only use agents. Do not let this get you down however. There are many publishers out there who are willing to take a gamble on new authors and you may be one of them.

Book parties are a really new and an innovative idea to bring people closer to the books so that they can read and share their thoughts and views. Book parties can be organized by universities, schools, book stores, as well as by parents at home. The habit of reading is really wonderful and it opens up the doors of intelligence in a child’s world. It is from where the child starts to learn and understand different things and understand them in its true sense. Parents stress their children to read books but that can all be transformed into fun through book parties.

Whatever your baby shower themes ideas are, they will surely make the event more exciting. From the moment the invitation is given till the moment the guests leave, the theme will give the overall direction and atmosphere for your baby shower.