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My autistic son perseverates, like most autistic kids do. He does this because like most autistic people, he has a hard time internalizing information. However, once in a while, a piece of information does become internalized. The item or topic that is internalized, frequently takes on great meaning. In fact this item or topic can take on such meaning, it difficult for an autistic person to think or talk about anything else, this non-stop focus on a specific subject is called perseverating.

Sometimes what we fantasized was the “good life” turns out to be a trap limited by should’s and have to’s. But by embracing your dark fears is when the fierceness of your core nature will awaken and guide you through with faith and trust. The wildness of your creative dream which naturally draws you: to travel with a knapsack on your back to exotic places, stroll the beaches of the world without a cell phone in your pocket, create an organization that saves the whales, pursue that acting career you thought impossible, write Books for kids to read, work from your home and wear pajamas as you rule the financial world and at the same time play with your children and roll around with your pet.

Today, I’m happy to announce we’ve updated our system to support the new format on the Apple iPad for iBooks. There are a few extra steps necessary to get our default EPUB file ready for this format, but we can make the changes for you after publishing upon your request.

Vocabulary we are learning about: Frog eggs, Tadpole,and Frog. Then have the children make a small picture about the frog’s life cycle from one of the Story Books you have chosen to read to them during language group.

Useless gadgets. Gadgets, old and new, are everywhere. One can browse through a wide range of tech stuff online in just a click. Shoppers do not need to have the best debit card or the most widely recognized credit card in town to purchase gadgets. But, before entering credit card details, ensure that the gadget would be of great use to the person who will receive the gift. It’s easy to fall into the trap especially when thinking about gifts to a male superior – boss, dad, uncle, etc.

What is a personalised book anyway? As the name suggests, it is enhancement from the normal children’s books where the photos of the child make up an integral part of the book. You must have seen those stacks of children’s picture books in any book store. These books contain hundreds of photos of animals, people and more importantly, children. Imagine that in place of the picture of the kid in the book, it is the picture of your kid. Won’t you feel great as parents when you gift something like this to your kid? Owning their own personalised Story Book will also make your children absolutely thrilled.

Lead – Many toys have been recalled in recent years due to lead contamination. Most are made in China. However, not all toys containing lead were made in China, so don’t let the China tag be your only indicator to avoid a toy. Always check with the CPSC, as well as the toy manufacturer, to be sure the toy is safe. Also, have the toys tested by your child’s doctor where possible. The home lead test kits are not as accurate.

Yes, absolutely. I think the most difficult thing to do is to “break through” with your book these days. People are constantly being bombarded by ads for new books, movies, etc. How do small publishers compete with the deep pockets of the biggies? It’s tough. It takes more time, determination and probably money if you want to get your name out there.

To be able to make your kid learn while they have fun, personalised childrens books are perfect. Through a personalised book, your child will be able to relate to an actual situation and the learning will be fantastic. You will not need to prod your kid to sit down with the book and study. They will do it themselves.