Avoid Gaining Excess Weight This Xmas

Jason Mark is a cop. You need a sense of humor to make it as a cop, and Jason’s a funny guy. Most likely he’d chuckle at your “Bad Cop! No Doughnut!” bumper sticker, maybe ask you for a bagel instead. And you can dump the stereotypes; watch what Jason does in his spare time and you might realize that not only is this gym-rat in better shape you’ll ever be, he’s a martial arts expert capable of kicking your butt twenty which-ways-to-Sunday and you might even feel stupid for having that bumper sticker in the first place.

Take a quick exercise break. If you are feeling tired, fight that fatigue with a short burst of physical activity. Yes, an hour-long run at that point may make you more tired, but a 15 minute walk or jog or a few quick sets of calisthenics can actually get your energy levels up. You will jumpstart your blood circulation, respiration, and metabolism, and these effects will help you shake off the lethargy.

Two new intellectual properties under the Bethesda banner have both been given their respective release dates. The first person shooter by Splash Damage, with an emphasis on Parkour, Brink, will arrive here in the U.S. on May 17th, while Europe will get their copies on store shelves on the 20th.

The Centers for Disease Control have indicated that childhood weight problems have tripled since 1980. In addition, the center is raising red flags about the health of our future generations. When you look at the lifestyle that we have today, is it any wonder? We rarely walk anywhere. We have elevators and escalators that take us from floor to floor in big buildings. Entertainment consists of movies and video games. Where is the movement and exercise? It is up to parents to take charge of our family’s health and make Fitness a priority. The following five steps will help you bring movement back into your child’s life.

Throughout all of these stretching exercises be careful to stretch the muscles and not to strain them. Keep your exercises slow and deliberate and gradually increase your stretching as you get used to each exercise.

Take it easy on yourself You may have given in to your food cravings and overdone it – you may have forgotten to eat lunch and as a result overeaten at supper. That’s no reason to throw in the towel! Keep up the great work you’ve already started and don’t give up. Weight loss should come gradually and safely, with a one to two pound loss per week. You and your body deserve it!