Things You Can Do To Make Your Company Much Better

Annual Reports can do more than fulfill a requirement to report financial information. The government doesn’t require any pictures or color; black and white photocopied pages will do. But if you want your Annual to work for you all year long, you may want to invest in a great one.

Let your reader know how and when you intend to follow up and then keep your word. You would be completely surprised by how many applicants just throw their hat into the ring and hope for the best. By indicating that you will follow up and then doing it you will be head and shoulders above the rest! A follow up phone call is the best option and always try to follow that with a quick thank you via e-mail that lets the hiring manager know you are grateful for their time. This one, two punch will certainly impress and get you in the door for an interview.

Have you ever seen those long and lavish mission statements on a plaque of the corporate wall? Or, inscribed on a company’s stationery? Other popular places are on the back of business cards, on websites, brochures, and Annual Report. Yet, it’s the person who is “belly to belly” with the customer that is that company. It’s not the corporate crafted mission statement that defines that company’s image. It is the stock clerk, the teller, the barista, the ticket taker and the sales representative who has direct contact with their clients. Even in the non-profit world, many will become involved for the cause, yet the majority become involved because of a person – either someone they know, someone affected or a special someone who asked for their help.

One heroic organization attempting to measure what my peace officer friend claimed to know is Transparency International and for the past ten years these folks have published an company annnual report which provides an international corruption index perspective for most countries around the globe.

Speak to their competitors – They can really give you some information that company reports don’t but again treat it from the perspective that they may have an ulterior motive!!!

More than anything else, you need the ability to take the tools that are available and make them your own, much like a great actor makes a role his own. Everybody sees the same words, but some people have the ability to see beyond the words.

You need to treat your money like you treat your business. Give it the time it deserves, because in the end the time you spend is really an investment in yourself and your dreams.