Body Weight Coaching – My Routine

Every fitness trainer needs to be able to produce results for their clients fast and predictably. However, for most trainers, this is not the case. This is the reason why Rick Kaselj had created a set of webinars entitled “Muscles Imbalances”. Dr. Berkus wrote “Ten Commitments to Mental Fitness” in a concise, no nonsense manner. […]

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Teach Your Child To Read

This week is Read Across America Week (with Read Across America Day this Wednesday, March 2… also Dr Suess’ birthday!) So today, a look at five new children’s books for young children… Vocabulary we are learning about: Frog eggs, Tadpole,and Frog. Then have the children make a small picture about the frog’s life cycle from […]

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The Twelve-Stage Business Plan

A. Quite simply an elevator pitch is a short description of what you can do and how this benefits others. Good elevator pitches last around 20-30 seconds and contain enough creativity and information to make them memorable. It used to be the traditional way business associates introduced themselves to one another and answered the question […]

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